Our Schools

Academic Excellence Since 1973

Founded in 1973, Lebanon Christian Schools has been committed to graduating highly skilled leaders that can and will affect their worlds for Christ. We are proud to stand upon our effectiveness, as we observe our former students participating in all levels of society: including military, medicine, engineering, entrepreneurship, and government. We are committed to expanding our reach in the areas of academic excellence, leadership, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship by exposing our students to community, business, and government leaders through lecture and internships at the High School level.

When compared in normative testing, our students consistently score 10-20 points higher than the average. All academic efforts are meant to prepare our students for successful testing in ACT and SAT environments.

Lebanon Christian Middle School


The middle school program focuses on Christian leadership and values as we begin to prepare students for high school and beyond. Classes consist of Math, Science, English, History, Bible, Computers, P.E. Spanish, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Electives include Band, Drama, Bucket Drumming, and Art. Chapel is once a week.

Google Classroom is used for middle school. Chromebooks are provided for all middle school students.